Which country has the most overweight population in the world?

Accordindg to WHO and BMI data, 75.5% of Nauru age 15 and older are overweight or close to obese. Population of Nauru is 13,049.

The average BMI of Nauru is 32.5. The average body weight among the country’s residents is 220 pounds. A poor diet, lack of exercise, and culture are the main contributors to obesity in the country.

Being overweight in Nauru is viewed as a sign of wealth. Due to a large number of obese people in the country, the country also leads in the number of diabetic adults.

Brief Answer

Obesity has been steadily on the rise across the planet for the last few years. The number of obese people across the globe has doubled in the last two decades.

Approximately 3.4 million adults succumb to death every year as a result of being obese or overweight.

For adults, WHO defines overweight is a BMI greater than or equal to 25; and obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

The most obese countries in the world are not necessarily the richest or most developed. The U.S. and the UK, which are ranked 12th and 36th,

The highest propensity of obesity can be seen in Oceania nations such as the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Nauru, Palau, Niue, and the Marshall Islands. It should be noted that even though the high rates of obesity, these countries have significantly less population.

Before Nauru got its independence, the population depended on root vegetables, fish, coconuts, and fruits. After independence in 1968, due to proceeds from mining, the income per capita of the country rose.

The mining proceeds were divided among the country’s residents, and they took on a sedentary lifestyle not seeing the need to work.

During that period there was an increase in the import of western food and the residents also resorted to unhealthy diets.

90% of Nauru’s land surface is inarable which makes the country to rely on the import of processed foods. The diet of Nauru’s population consists of foods high in fat and sugar.

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