How To Travel With Pets Safely In Flight

Here are some tips to travel with pets safely:

Make Sure Your Pet Is Ready To Travel

Before booking your ticket, check your pet and ensure it has good health condition to travel on flight. Many airlines needs clearance signed by your veterinarian saying your pet is healthy enough to travel in flight.

Check The Airline Is Pet Friendly

Check whether the airline is pet-friendly or not before booking the flight ticket. Because airlines have some limits of how many pets can travel on one flight and how much time to stay on a flight. Contact the airlines directly to get the details.

Decide How To Transport Your Pet In Best Way

There are couple of options when it comes to transport your pet in flight. Placing the pet on Cargo, in-cabin, under the seat in front of you are best options to transport your pet. If your pet is above certain height and weight, each airline has its own regulations. So, ensure it clearly before booking.

Ensure Your Pet’s Breed Safety Also

If you are travelling with pet, ensure if they are a breed that can travel safely. Because air travel can dangerous for pushed in faces like bulldogs and Persian cats. Their short nasal passages leave especially vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke.

Check In Early On Time To Airport

Airlines have some limits for number of animals that can fly each day. So check there is a room for your pet. Purchase a ticket as early as possible.

Use Carrier To Transport

After purchasing the tickets for you and your pets find the requirement of crates. Each airlines has own structure of crates according to normal height and weight of the pet. Soft-sided carriers is best for in-cabin travel that can easily compress to sit under a seat.

Avoid Letting Your Pets Out During Flight

Your Pet must stay in the carrier till the travel is completed. It is for the safety of itself, as well as passengers.

Check Out Your Pet After Travel

After the arrival, examine your pet safety. If anything seems wrong get into veterinarian immediately without fail.

Tips To Get Safe Sravel

Ensure your Pet is ready to be travel.

Check your pet’s health and get clearance from veterinarian.

Check that the airline is pet-friendly before booking.

Purchase your ticket early as much as possible

Avoid travelling holidays and weekends for smoothest travel experience.

Use the comfortable and right carrier to carry your pet.

Don’t use too much of medication on pets before travel.

Don’t let your pets out during the travel duration.

Avoid placing your pet anywhere other than the cargo hold or under a seat in front of you.

As soon as you arrive get on safe place and examine your pets condition.


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