Some Best Tips To Get Amazing Hair

Even those of us who are blessed with thick hair have to put effort into making it look good. Here are some tips to thick, bouncy, shiny, beautiful hair. Follow the listed methods.

Tip 1. Massage your hair root to tip with Aloe Vera gel, and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with cold water.

Tip 2. Take one teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi dana) and keep them in bowl of water overnight. The next day, take this mixture, grind it and put in in your hair for 15–20 minutes. You’ll have the softest hair ever.

Tip 3. Take one banana, and add 2 tablespoon of honey to it. (You could eat it too) mix it well, add 1 tablespoon coconut oil to it and apply on your hair. You can get Silky, soft, smooth hair guaranteed.

Tip 4. Take fullers’ earth (multani mitti) and add mustard oil into it. Set aside for some time and then apply this mixture. Leave it for an hour. It gives you the Shiny and soft hair.

Tip 5. Take curd, hang it and drain all water from it, apply that to your head and wash after 30 minutes.

Tip 6. Oil your hair regularly.

Coconut oil uses for all purpose
Castor oil used to increase the growth rate of hair
Mustard oil used for deep nourishment
Almond oil used to treat scalp inflammation

Tip 7. Keep your hair tied up or covered to protect your hair damage from pollution.

Tip 8. Try avoiding shampoos as much as possible. They are harmful to your hair always.


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