How To Know Your Skin Type Exactly In Home

Your Skin type could keep changing with regards to the weather, age, temperatures etc. You can determine your skin layer type exact in home.

There are some common skin types

Dry skin

Oily skin

Sensitive skin

Normal skin

Combination skin

Dry Skin

Dry skins are more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, irritation, dry, patches, flaky epidermis and allergy symptoms. It seems stretchy on regular basis. So if you have dried skin use products which of moisturizing, nourishing.

Oily Skin

The people who have oily face may face Acne, Breakouts, Blackheads, Whiteheads and large skin pores almost all their life or possibly till their human hormones stop. If you have greasy skin use petrol free Products or non comedogenic.

Sensitive Skin

Pores and skin that feels dried up, scaly, itchy, easily being annoyed and breaks out easily. This kind of skin types requires special skin care products which will not make it more hypersensitive and are gentle.

If you have sensitive skin use soft products which is free from Parabens, Scent, Phthalates, Mineral engine oil, alcoholic beverages and sulphates.

Normal Skin

This type of skin with least amount of problems, it’s simple, flexible and supple. It generally does not feel dried out not can it feel oily.

Combination Skin

This type of skin susceptible to symptoms of both oily pores and skin as well as dry out skin. It seems greasy on nose and forehead area and seems dried on cheeks and chin.

Tips to find the skin type

Wash or rinse your skin thoroughly before going to bed. Go to sleep without doing any skincare.

In morning, apply a tissue over a facial skin.

If it sticks to your skin, which means you have an oily skin.

If it sticks to only nose and forehead area, then you have a combination skin.

If it doesn’t stick anywhere in skin, then you have a dried skin.

If your skin sees tight, stretch out, well rested and simple, then it could be a normal skin type.

If your skin layer feels hypersensitive, red, annoyed, or flaky at few areas then it most probably a sensitive skin.

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