Yes, Smartphones Are Important. But Don’t Forget To Follow These Safety Tips For Using Smartphones

Our technology is improving day by day. These improvements makes our life easier and simple. But, also it makes us lazy. Think, how our technology and lifestyle gets gigantic improvements after 2000. Now we are in the world that doing any work simple with the aid of technology.

The technology has both positive and negatives. Before 2000 it’s very hard to connect with the world. But now many technological improvements made it possible. One of the technology is phone. It’s growth is very massive and fast. Smartphones makes today’s generation can’t run their single day without phone. It maybe a only friend for someone. But many ignores the negative impacts of the smartphones. Let’s see some safety tips for using smartphones.

Don’t Spoil Your Life

Time is valuable. You have a very short life to do many big things. This life is not enough to live what you like. Everyone have some free time. But all of us wasting that time with smartphone for chatting, messaging, gaming etc. You will harvest only what you sowing now. So use the free time to achieve any of your goals or secure your future.

Don’t Be Addicted

Not only technology; food, alcohol, drug even love also very dangerous when you fully addicted to it. This addiction maybe give you a enjoyable life. But it will separate you from friends, family, colleagues and other relationships. So limit the use of smartphones. Surely, addicted too much with smartphone is very harmful for our life, health etc.

Don’t Allow It To Control You

Yes. You must need a mobile phone to get connected with our related ones. But you must control your smartphone. Don’t allow it to control you at any situation. We are humans can easily slip back to the wrong habits. But, we also have capability to control our-self.

Don’t Use While Charging

Your phone’s battery got drained when you were chatting with your crush. It’s a worst feel ever. So you put the phone on charging and keep texting. Right? Means please avoid this kind of activity. The intention behind the charger wire shorten in length is to stop you from usage while charging. Don’t fear. Your mobile won’t going to explode. But, the radiation and heat from smartphones will increase heavily while charging can affect your health. But use ordinal charger.

Don’t Use On Low Charge

Don’t use mobile phones when lower than 10% of charge remaining. Your phone needs certain energy to work. While on low charge, your phone need to do work with low energy. Because, every time on low charge, your smartphone need to gather enough energy to obey you. It leads to the heavy increase of radiation level upto three times which is not good for health.

Avoid Too Much Of Background Apps

Less the number of apps you installed. Always close the apps which are running in background for energy consumption. Background apps will use energy from behind and increase the heat level even a smartphone is on rest. Because radiation from phone keeps discharging. If you are using a third party charger to charge your phone, maybe it will get explode, but very rare. Try to use manufacturer approved charger and battery, you should be fine.

Use Essentials That Suits Your Phone

Use essentials which suits your phone. Smartphones charges very fast, if they plugged with own charger. Otherwise its charging speed will reduce and it affects the battery performance. Keep charging longer time will take more time to get full charge and it leads to produce more continuous radiations.

Use Headphones Properly

A good song or loud environment can tempt us to turn up the volume. Unfortunately, listening to music too loudly through our headphones can cause permanent damage to our hearing. Never play musics at more than 60% of the maximum value.

Avoid Placing Near New Born Babies

Wireless radiation is part of a growing list of environmental exposures thought to interfere with normal fetal brain development, with implications that include impaired communication skills, learning deficits and behavioural problems.

Your Eyes Are Valuable

People are so addicted to smartphones they may be increasing the risk of eye damage. People who spend two or more continuous hours in front of screen are at a greater risk of developing a temporary condition called digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Avoid Using While Driving

Today numerous accidents are caused by drivers who choose to text while driving. It is widely considered dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and accidents. Due to the number of accidents by mobile, some jurisdictions have made the use of calling on a phone while driving illegal.

Put Safety Lock Protection

Putting lock protection to your phone is used to save your personal files or data’s from hack, if it was stolen. Put lock protection for specific finance or banking apps where you used to manage your money transactions.

Display Your Colleague Number In Screen

Nobody knows what danger pointing us from our behind. Safety is first. Please display one of your relatives, friends or any colleagues number in the screen display. Everyone can see the number even it is on lock protection also. It can help someone to contact that number, if any emergency needed.

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