How To Remove Blood Stains From White Shirts Or Fabrics

Blood stain is one of the toughest stain to remove. It can easily remove if the stain is fresh. Otherwise it is not easy to remove. it takes so much of time to get rid of them. The large stain also can’t be remove easily. Here are some methods to try while attempting to remove blood stains from white shirts.

[su_note note_color=”#ffec66″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”9″]Soaking In Detergent Water [/su_note]

[su_label]1[/su_label] Identify The Stain Nature

That depends on lot of things. How fresh the blood is, what washing process the cloth gone through, how large the stain is etc. First you need to identify the age of stain like when it occurred and how long it remains in a cloth. If the stain is fresh, it can be easily rinsable from cloth. But if the stain is old, then it’s a time consuming process to remove the stain. You need to prepare all for this.

[su_label]2[/su_label] Identify The Fabric

There are various types of fabrics available today for use. Some fabrics are easy to remove the blood stains from cloth. But some fabric is very tough to remove the stains and it need some special treatment to remove stains. So make sure what kind of fabric you got stains and how well it reacts with harsh washing process.

[su_label]3[/su_label] Fill The Container With Cold Water

After identifying the age of stain and fabric type make sure you filled enough water to cover or submerge the cloth completely. It will take longer for the stain to come out since it is dried. Do not use warm or hot water. This will make the stain worse.

[su_label]4[/su_label] Mix A Few Drops Of Detergent

Mix a few drops of liquid hand dishwashing detergent to the water you filled up. For smaller stains 2 to 3 drops of liquid is enough. For larger stains, try to add 5 to 6 drops of dishwashing liquid. Stir well the water solution until the detergent you added get mixed.

[su_label]5[/su_label] Let Your Shirt Soaked Overnight

If it is a small stain, try to rinse the cloth after soaking a hour or more and see the result. But incase the stain is large, soak the clothes in cold water for an extended period of time. Change out the water atleast once in a day. maybe it will take a day to twice based on the toughness of stain.

[su_label]6[/su_label] Scrub Away The Stain From Shirt

After soaking overnight take the shirt and scrub hard with dish soap to remove remaining stains. For clothes, rinsing with cold water and scrubbing the fabric vigorously with soap works pretty well, even for old stains. Repeat until no more ink is removed.

[su_note note_color=”#ffec66″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”9″]Using Chemical Agents [/su_note]

[su_label]1[/su_label] Add Vinegar In Stain Area

This is a basic method of rinsing. Just add or pour vinegar in stain area. After pouring scrub the area of stain more time and repeat the steps three or more times. If the stains are small this rinsing is enough to get rid of stain completely. If the stain is large then you can go some various chemical treatment techniques like Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia.

[su_label]2[/su_label] Pour Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is useful for removing blood stains. Dilute the Hydrogen Peroxide with water for delicate fabrics. Pour directly on the blood stain or dip the fabric into it. Do keep an eye on fabric because the Peroxide may bleach a bit and lift some colour off of your fabric as well. Hydrogen Peroxide is also used in forensic science to identify stains as blood because of how Peroxide interacts with catalase, an enzyme in blood.

[su_label]3[/su_label] Rinse With Cold Water

After pouring Hydrogen Peroxide into the stains scrub the area with brush or soap. Keep scrubbing until the stain get removed. It will work. If there is still a mark of blood remains try attempting the procedure again once and rinse with cold water. If still there are some blood stain remains forward to next method. It is advisable to use any one method for your convenient.

[su_label]4[/su_label] Using Ammonia

Ammonia is a strong chemical and should only be used on tough stains. Avoid using Ammonia in delicate fabrics like, silk, linen and wool. You can pour the diluted ammonia to the stains of blood and allow it to remain for few minutes. Cover it through the stains. Afterwards brush or scrub the stain area harshly more and more. Make sure, however you use cold water. Most of the stains will remove by this method.

[su_label]5[/su_label] Get Help From Laundry

Previous tips will help you sure. If all these fails because of your fabric, a convenient option would be to go professional laundry. They may use special washing and rinsing techniques to remove Staines. But it may little expense for you.


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