How To Open A Can In An Emergency

Sometimes opening an aluminium can might be a challenging one. It needs a kind of sharp tool or can opener to perform a task. While on vacation or outside is it possible to get knife or can opener all time.

What if you starving and don’t have nothing to open the can. You are in the stage to open the can at any cost without the aid of tool or can opener. Right? Means try it.

You need to get the help of concrete to open a can.

Take any kind of small or regular sized aluminium can you wish to open.

Take a piece of concrete or use a concrete slab as a best choice.

You can find concrete anywhere on the street or somewhere around you. How do you open up a can with concrete?

The trick is the way these cans are made the top is rolled. All you have to do is cutting the edges of the can.

Just put the can upside down on top of the concrete and rub it till the edges started to heal. After rubbing the can it must have lot of scratches on the surface and its edge gets damaged and seperated.

All the edges are coming out while rubbing on concrete. So once you scraped a lot, all you going to do is squeeze it a little bit. You successfully opened the can.


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