Why North Sentinal Island Is One Of The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

Along the Andaman islands is the home Jarawa tribe, but also the feared Sentinelese from the North Sentinel Island, one of the most dangerous tribe in the world. It lies to the west of the southern part of South Andaman island. Most of the island is forested.

Yes this island looks small and beautiful by look. But, this is the only place still untouched by the modern civilisation. The sentinelese tribes from this island keep avoiding contacts with outside world. They protect their land violently when anybody wants to establish contact.

No civilisation human has ever gone there and lived. If any one try to reach the island, they act violently and attack. They are completely isolated from the world.

It is so dangerous because of the aggressiveness of the people towards foreigners. The Indian government has declared the entire island and it’s surrounding waters extending 5.6 kms from the island to be exclusion zone. Their population is somewhat 50 to 400.

The population faces the potential threats of infectious diseases which they have no immunity to, as well as violence from intruders. They have no immunity to a lot of the diseases from the outside world. If someone from the outside world were to accidentally sneeze on them then the entire tribe could be wiped out from the diseases they would contract.

On January 26, 2006 When two fishermen were fishing around the Andaman islands for mud crabs. This led to boat accidentally drifted away too close to the North Sentinel Island. But, they were brutally murdered by the tribal people.

The Indian government sent a helicopter to retrieve the bodies of two fishermen. But the plan failed, because of the sentinelese people started attack by throwing arrows on helicopter.

But their hostile attitude towards strangers probably saved them from extinction over the centuries. As of now, the Sentinelese will be left to the isolation they had so vigorously defended over many centuries.


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