If You Follow These Golden Rules Strictly, Then You Will Be A Rich Person One Day – Money Saving Tips

Money basically gives you many. Money is very important for us to do some specific human needs. These needs are shelter, safety, foods etc. If you could provide these needs without money, you wouldn’t need it. In this generation, one cannot survey in life without money. We may want money to affirm our self-worth or purchase the things to which we attach happiness. But the true is, we need money for our security. Money Saving also very essential one we do.

We save money, basically, because we can’t predict what is behind us. Saving money will help you become financially secure and to provide safety when an emergency. Get into the habit and watch your money turn into more money. Different people save money for different reasons. Saving gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. Here are some tips to save money.

Stop Using credit cards

You can buy whatever items you want using credit cards without a limit. Sound little good? Yes. But the real is, you buy the items whatever seeing, which you don’t need  for your real life from the money you don’t own. If you spend more than the amount you can bear using credit card, then it’s a heavy burden to your finance. You need to keep paying interest on every month. Maybe it took almost months or even years to get rid of the debt.

Stop Smoking

An average person spends almost nearly 600$ per year on cigarettes or related tobacco products. You can spend this money for healthy foods or keep saving the amount will help you for any emergency in future. If not, please donate this amount to any charitable trust.

Quit Drinking

Right, drinking makes you floating on air, walking on water. But it affects your finance and health badly. Approximately, you may spend an average of 1000$ per year for liquor products. Think! You waste 1000$ to buy the sickness for your health. It is better that your yearly liquor expense should be used as a monthly food expense of orphan children donation.

Stop Drinking Coffee At Outdoors

An average person spends almost 1000$ for drinking coffee on coffee shops or other restaurants. Better you can buy a coffee machine on your own for only 50$. It can serve you more than a year.

Don’t Buy Costly Items

Nowadays technology, culture of living and our way of thinking is totally changed. Most of the people like to go for costlier products which can perform same as the simplest one. But the truth is costlier life if little unhappy one. We can’t prove our deserve by placing this kind of costlier items in our house.

Distinguish Between Needs And Wants

Buy everyone you need. But, don’t buy beyond your usage limit. For example, a person have 80+ shirts, 30+ t-shirts, 25+ jeans and 15+ pair of shoes. Maybe, he wasted 700$ in the form of apparels. Does he use all the apparels he own. Not exactly, he can’t use half of them. So limit your expenses according to your need. You can give the old clothes to help needy.

Avoid Emotional Decisions In Money Matter

Imagine, you went a function on one day where bus facility is not available. You are waiting nearly 1 to 2 hours for bus or taxi. What you do? You think to buy a new car and did it. You spent 35,000$ money and bought a new car. Now your expenses starts doubling every month. Is it acceptable to buy a new car regarding a single day function. So, don’t take any decisions emotionally in money matter.

Make A Budget

Making a budget is really a good idea to save finance. Every month, make a budget and spend finance according to that. Ever month the budget must be same as previous month, then only you can easily find, where your money goes like a water. If your expense is going beyond your hand, then the problem is on your side only. Be control yourself, if you want to save money.

Save Even 1 Cent

Make a habit of noting down all your expenses. Note down even a 1 cent. It is also a money. It improves your finance and saves a lot of money in future.

Avoid Shopping On Empty Stomach

While you shopping on empty stomach, your stomach orders you to buy whatever you see yummy and crispy foods. But in normal time you won’t buy these kind of foods. So keep shopping. But before shopping complete a meal.

Avoid Junk Foods

Junk foods are foods which adds nil nutrition to our body. Apart that, our body fat will increase drastically by intake of the junk foods. So try to limit or avoid this kind of foods. They won’t leave any nutrients or proteins to your body. You can save lot of money here.

Carry Food To Work Or Out

Carry a food, water and snacks when you go to work or anywhere. Otherwise, you need to spend more money to buy water, to eat unhealthy restaurant foods and to buy junk foods. You can save $24,000 per year by making a habit of this.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Doctor’s fee is much more expensive and painful one. So maintain your body healthy and get rid of taking medicine. Take healthy proper diet, avoid unwanted habits like smoking, drinking and make a habit of living clean environment. Add nutrients and protein rich foods in daily routine. Join a gym to maintain your body healthy. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming is also a good exercises to care your health.

Wait For Sale

Ask for the discounts when you shopping out. Generally, most of the retails will give the discounts according to your purchase limit. Prefer festive sale or discount sale time for shopping. You can save 30% on your spends by this way.


Buying a quality items are always a big money saver. Maybe, the price value of the quality item comes around 10% high than other, but it is preferable one. For example, you bought a cheap quality shirt for 10$ and used for 6 months. But the high quality shirt you bought for 12$ comes around 12 months. Finalise yourself, which one to prefer for money saving.

Save For Emergency

Everyone will face some emergency situation that need to spend more amount of money. It maybe, education, business, construction, marriage or medical expenses. But you have to be prepare for those kind of emergency situations before happens. Who know what burden is behind us? So, keep saving a little amount aside daily for these purposes.

List And Shop

Listing items before shopping saves hell lot of time and money. You can avoid buying unwanted things by simply thinking and listing. You can also maintain the budget by listing. Before shopping, know about the various offers or deals the retails had.

Don’t Own Anything Until It’s Need

For example, take car. Its value decreases as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. You must spend a lot for money for fuel, maintenance, insurance, repairs, passes etc. Even for parking also you need to spend lot. You need to spend more than 4000$ money for these kind of expenses. Better prefer two wheeler, if the need is must. It’s expenses maybe somewhat greater but more lesser that car.

Some Tips For Money Saving

Don’t use credit cards

Don’t skip breakfast

Limit eating fast food and junk foods regularly

Don’t change your mobile often every 6 months

Don’t spend money on alcohols

Don’t spend money on tobacco products

Don’t spend too much money on friends party or treats.

Buy car if that need is necessary only

Construct the house according to your finance

Avoid concentrating long hours in office work (health is important).

Use bicycle instead of two wheeler, if the distance is short

Don’t pay bill without asking about

Pay for gym and use it regularly

Avoid drinking coffee out, especially in Hi-Fi restaurants

Manage the expenses in vacations like cinema, theme parks etc

Pay attention for savings

Don’t judge your status with money

Make budget and spend

Note down all expenses even 1 cent

Use festive or discount sales while purchase

Avoid buying second handed items

Avoid shopping in empty stomach

Consult doctor, when the problem is small in size

Buy whatever you need only

Carry food wherever you go

Avoid spending more money on fashion related

Switch off electricity when not in use

Don’t waste food

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