MagicScroll, World’s First Rollable Touch Screen Tablet Developed


Scientists have developed a rollable touch-screen tablet for the first time.

MagicScroll, the rollable touch-screen tablet is comprised of a high-resolution flexible display. It can be rolled or unrolled around a central, 3D-printed cylindrical body containing the device’s computerised inner-workings. 

The flexible display unrolls from around a cylindrical spindle into a 7.5-inch that can then be laid flat.

At both ends of the cylinder two rotary wheels allows users to scroll through information on the touch screen.

When a user points on an interesting piece of content that they would like to examine more deeply, the display can be unrolled and function as a tablet display.

Its light weight and cylindrical body makes it much easier to hold with one hand than a traditional tablet. When rolled up, it fits your pocket and can be used as a phone, dictation device or pointing device.

The MagicScroll’s scroll wheel allows for infinite scroll action for quick browsing through long lists.

The device’s rotary wheels contain robotic actuators that allows it to physically move or spin in place in various scenarios. 

As a phone, the cylindrical form factor allows for a better ergonomic fit for single-handed use.


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