How To Make A Homemade Organic Soap

Soaps are cleaning agent which everyone used to be clean. The flavours of soaps are extremely in high today. But all soaps are manufactured by some chemical treatments. So you can try to make organic soap in home. It will help you to keep fresh and clean. You can get aware of artificial soaps by opting this. These are the steps to make a natural homemade soap.

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Prepare Neem Leaves

Neem is a popular medicinal herb that’s been part of traditional remedies. Neem leaves are loaded with numerous health and skin benefits. Neem Leaves are very good source of medicinal properties which fights against the bacteria and germs. You can use the neem leaves for cleaning purpose. Just take a bunch or big handful of fresh neem leaves. Ensure that the leaves are in good condition without any pest attacks.

Wash Neem Leaves Thoroughly

The neem leaves should be washed thoroughly before started to make the soap. Take a bowl and fill it with fresh water. If need just warm the water slightly and wash neem leaves. Put the neem leaves you have collected in the bowl of water. Rinse the leaves in the water and set aside.

Blend The Neem Leaves

Then blend the neem leaves and make it as a paste. Take a mixer jar. Ensure the mixer jar is clean without having any dust or impurities. Put the washed neem leaves into the jar. After that place the mixer jar into the blender and grind the leaves until it gets smooth paste. Collect the blended paste into a bowl.

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Prepare Empty Container

Take the empty container to mix the blended neem leaves with some ingredients. Clean the container properly. Because it is the important stage of preparing soaps. So try to wash the container with hot water. Make dry the Container under sun or under blowing air.

Grease Up The Container With Petroleum Jelly

After complete washing the container should be greased properly. It helps for the soap to come out easily without break. Take a pinch of petroleum Jelly with your finger and completely grease up the container without fail. Keep aside till preparing the soap liquid.

Prepare The Soap Base Bar

The soap base is made with natural coconut skin care oil, 20% vegetable glycerine which can be melted and pouring to form the soap. You can easily get it from supermarkets or online stores. Take the soap base and slice it into many small cube pieces. You can use any soap base of your choice.

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Melt The Soap Base

Switch ON the burner or microwave oven and place the bowl on the burner. Heat the bowl and put the sliced soap base into it. Wait until the Soap base gets a liquid form. After it attains the liquid state Switch off the burner.

Mix Neem Paste With Soap Base Liquid

Take a tablespoon of blended neem leaves paste and mix it with melted soap base solution. Mix it thoroughly till it gets dissolved in the soap base solution.

Add Gel And Vitamin Capsule Into It

Take a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and mix it with dissolved neem paste and soap base solution. Add one capsule of Vitamin E oil into it. Mix the solution and blend thoroughly. Ensure that the all ingredients are mixed completely.

Pour The Mixed Soap Base Solution

Take an empty container you used to grease it before. Confirm the container has completed covered by petroleum jelly. Pour the mixed soap base solution into the greased container. You just need to pour half an inch level of the container is enough. Level the surface of the soap mix and make sure there are no empty areas in the container.

Freeze The Mixture

Turn ON the freezer. Place the container into the freezer and allow it to remain there for atleast about 1 hour. After one hour open the freezer. Take the container out from freezer. Now the liquid soap base solution get converted into solid form. Remove the soap from the container. Now the soap is ready to be use. You can use this soap on your whole body. It will help you to fight against acne and pimples.

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