How To Know Your Phone Hacked By Hackers

We often use our smartphones to keep digital passwords and most personal information. From pictures to credit cards some people even save their password in smartphones. If you think your smartphone is important and private you may be very strong. Lot of devices hacked today by suspicious activity through online and steals everything personal we stored in a smartphone. Smartphones are smart, but hackers are sometimes even smarter. How To Know Your Phone Hacked By Hackers. There are some ways to figure out the ways you phone can be hacked and how to protect your personal data’s from stealing. The steps listed here may happen in normal time also. But if you think that your phone got hacked, then this maybe a sign for that.

Check Whether The New enemy Entered Or Not

You Have New App Not Installed By Yourself

Sometimes phone manufacturers and service providers will install the new apps in your phone while updating the software. Don’t open the app until you get to know what kind of app is this. But it is better you need to ensure that the app is not a malware.

Google The App Name

Open the browser and enter the name of the app which you found new without installing. Click search. It could be a lot of results appears in screen. See what other users reviewed about the app. See what other reliable websites say about the apps if it was neither the manufacturer nor you who installed the app it must have been hackers.

Some Apps Stop Working Like They Used To

Till now your old apps works fine without problem. After and while a new apps you never installed are working just fine on your mobile and your old apps get trouble to work. Have you notice before? If yes, this could be a malware on your phone. Something is interfering with the proper functionality of old apps.

Find Who Is Behind

Your phone Suddenly Started To Run Out Of Battery

If you noticed your phone’s battery lifespan has become way too short. It may be a reason of hacking. This can happen when an unknown app running on your phone. Such kind of apps started to work in background without your permission and take away your phone’s energy.

Seems Slower Than It Used To Be

We often experience slower the operation of phone by overload, less memory or over usage etc. It maybe caused by malware running in the background on your phone. Those hidden apps transfer data from your phone. So its performance drops a lot in smartphones usually it has.

Your Phone Gets Warm

Your phone gets warm even when you don’t use it for calls or internet browsing. You are probably used to feel its extreme warm condition when your touch your phone while in rest. Warming up for no reason is not avoidable. It means there is a unknown app hidden in background and makes your phone to work continuously that it warms up.

Noises Or Echos During Calls

If you hear noises or echoes during calls and you haven’t had them in this location before it means someone else has access to your phone. They might be tracking your phone and listening to your conversation this very second.

Websites Appear Different Than Before In Your Mobile Browser

It can be a sign that someone has installed malware on your phone. It can be reading your online communication and tracking your activities. It’s somewhere between your browser and the internet and stops the sites from displaying normally.

Be Careful While Automatic Operation 

Reboots Itself

If your phone reboots itself again and again without your control, it may be a danger behind this. Sometimes the malware spread by hackers or apps interfere the operation of phone tend to force shut down. So, try to find the problem is in device or somewhere.

Automatic Dialling

Sometimes your keypad dials automatically to various numbers and will do international calls also. You can’t control your phone at that time. Only way is to switch OFF and resetting your phone. If you find the problem check whether what kind of calls done repeatedly. Try to reset if possible.

Unknown Numbers Appears In Your Recent Calls

Hackers can proxy through your device to make expensive international phone calls. They can also use your infected device to make calls to companies which charge for them. Of course they don’t actually call overseas themselves they offer this paid service to their customers, so they get profits.

Sending And Getting Strange Text Messages

Just like unknown numbers in your recent calls list you can find text messages also. Your friends or colleagues might tell you about it when they got the weird messages from you about asking money or any important informations. So don’t ignore it easily.

Operation Interrupted Repeatedly

Cannot Switch OFF your Device

As you are trying to switch OFF your device it starts opening different apps. It is very wrong and it is most likely not a manufacturers fault.

Increased Use Of Mobile Data

If you have a data monitoring app you can sometimes see your mobile data usage growing way too fast. It can cost extra charges if you pay for a certain amount of traffic per month. It is one of the signs your phone is not only used by you. You can also try finding detailed app traffic usage in your phone settings. It tells us exactly how much mobile data each of your apps is using. You recently installed the app from a new source, and it is eating your data. Like crazy that app could be malware delete it.

Pop-Ups Start Appearing On Your Device

You probably see it a lot on your computer unless you have a good Antivirus software. You are informed than you just won the lottery or a new iPhone all you have to do is click one button and it’s yours. Such pop-ups on your phone are likely produced by malware. You don’t do what they are telling you to do.

Email Sent From Your Phone Are Blocked By Spam Filters

It can be a sign of third party is reading your e-mails. How if they got control over your phone? It could have changed your e-mail configuration to send all your mail via some unauthorised server. Hackers probably have direct access to that server.

Can’t Make Calls Or They Are Being Dropped

If you experience calls being dropped the inability to make calls at times when you appear to have good signal strength or strange noises occuring during your phone conversations. something may be wrong here. Normally these problems are indicative of technical issues unrelated to a breach, but that is not always the case. So if you notice these symptoms shortly after you took some action that now you regret you may wish to consider whether you need to take corrective action.

It may happen on normal time also.

Still thinks your phone hacked.

Try to find, Is there any culprit or not.

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