How To Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Shining Bright

Diamond is the hardest natural substance, and it needs to be deeply taken care of. Apart from storing them carefully, there are few tips to keep your precious diamond jewellery shining bright.

Try to avoid wearing your diamond ring or other jewelry while cleaning dust or working in kitchen since the stubborn dust particles might stick to your precious stone.

Be careful while you are applying cream for your dry skin because diamonds are prone to getting discoloured by getting exposure to such components. Even though the effect is not permanent, it will temporarily discolour the gorgeous stone.

Excessive oil and grime can cause prangs to loosen and you can lose a stone from your favourite jewellery piece. Keep checking the setting and mounts to ensure that everything is intact. You can also get it fixed from your jeweller if you feel the prangs are loosening.

If you are cleaning the jewellery at home, be careful to not be harsh on the set stones. Best way is to soak jewelry overnight in water and soap solution and rinse the next day. Clean with soft cloth gently and brush off the stuck dirt.

It is recommended to wrap your jewellery in soft tissues before storing them. Tissue paper absorbs moisture hence avoiding any kind of discolouration of stones.

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