How To Face Summer

UV rays are one of the main causes of hyper pigmentation and skin discoloration. But this can be prevented by applying sunscreen an hour before you step out into the sun.

The harsh rays of Sun in summer time make your skin discolored, dry and dull. Follow these tips to keep skin look hydrated and healthy during the warmest season.

Sunscreen Shield

UV rays are the main enemy and it causes hyper pigmentation and skin discoloration. But you can prevent yourself from UV rays by applying sunscreen before you out to the sun. Oral sunscreen are also easily available that will not only keep your skin protected but also your hair.

Take Aid Of Cleanser

Since we produce more oil during the summer months, it’s tempting to use harsher scrubs and face washes. These can strip the skin off its essential oils – so go for a mild foaming cleanser instead. If you perspire a lot, it’s more important to use a gentle cleanser as you will be washing your face multiple times a day.

Use Anti-fungal Products

You may face a lot of germs and fungal infections in Summer times. So it is available to apply antifungal body washes, lotions and powders to keep the germs and infections at bay.


Exfoliating gently will help remove dead skin cells. It will also improve the blood circulation to the face. It can also allow your skin to absorb the moisturizing products better. So exfoliate yourself atleast twice or thrice a week for better results.

Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is necessary step to protect yourself from sun. The heat from Sun can make you sweat and lose moisture. So, replace the heavy creams you used during winter with lighter, water-based moisturizing lotions. Drink enough water until your body thinks it enough to control thirst.

Less Makeup

Sun rays will make your makeup so nasty and makes your skin oily as well as so dirty. Under bright sunlight, natural or mild makeup looks the best. So don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with melting foundation, smudged eyeliner and sticky lips.

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