How To Choose A Neck Tie

Tie is important for everyone who likes to get professional look. It mostly symbolises our attitudes, respect, confidence and lifestyle. There are more number of different dresses we used to tie accordingly. But everyone won’t get a perfect style with it. You need to choose the better one for your dressing type, dress colour and body style. Let see the conditions for selecting a tie.

Ask Yourself Why To Tie

A tie or necktie is simply a long piece of cloth worn usually by men for decorative purposes around the neck. Tie are commonly used in offices, schools, colleges and many occasions. So come to clear why you need tie. Because tie has many variants according to your doings.

For example, office tie may be plain and in professional look

Party tie should select according to the dressing type.

Know Variants In Tie

In tie only there are many variants available today. You can select a tie will suit for your dress colour. But before collect the information about different types of ties. The tie is simply resting under a shirt collar and knotted at the throat.

The variants include Ascot tie, Bow tie, Bolo tie, Zipper tie, Cravat tie, Clip-on tie.

Find Good Combination 

Ensure the tie you using is darker than the shirt colour. If patterned shirts, make sure the proportions of the patterns on your shirt are different from those on your tie.

For example, if your shirt has small check pattern use tie with longer checks or thicker stripes.

Choose A Type Which Defines Your Shirt

The first rule to picking a tie is knowing your shirt type. Ensure that your tie is darker than your shirt.

What type of shirt – solid or patterned?

What colour of shirt- light or dark colour?

For example, if you wear a light coloured shirt choose a tie in dark colour to stand out. If you wear dark coloured shirt choose a tie in light colour.

A patterned style shirt is little harder to match. You need to match the colour of tie with any of the patterned shirt you using.

Compare The Colours

Just collect a colour sample of the tie you used to wear. You can get the colour sample through fashion magazine or online. After that compare the every piece of tie cloth with your shirt. Arranging the tie cloth in order above the dress is a easy way to pick the best performing tie with the shirt colour.

Find Tie Suits Your Body And Style

Use mirror to find the truth. See yourself in mirror which tie improves your look and respect. Ensure that the dressing sense is good for tie. Find which is best suited your look – long or short length tie.

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