How To Be More Photogenic

Don’t Lean Back Or Away From The Camera

When someone take pictures, they almost immediately tilt their head backwards and shy away from the camera. Doing this immediately messes up the structure of your jawline in your pictures and it makes you look like you have a double chin.

Lean Your Head Forward And Jut Your Chin Outward

Jutting your chin forward in pictures is the easiest way to create a sharper jawline and make your face look a lot more structured in your pictures. Leaning it forward creates more separation from your neck so you avoid looking like you have a double chin and it makes your facial structure more pronounced.

Use Your Tongue To Make Your Jawline Looks Stronger

If you force your tongue up to the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose, you’ll feel your jawline tighten up and look a lot more defined and structured. Try it in front of the mirror and you will see what it looks like.

Make Your Skin Look Smoother

You can have all the photography knowledge in the world but if your skin is rough and bumpy and you have red spots all over, it’s gonna show up in your photos and ruin your entire look. If you want to make sure your face is on point and looking smooth get some skin care solutions.

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Avoid Doing Basic Ass Poses

When guys taking pictures together and they all do that stupid pose with their hands in front. It makes your picture indistinguishable from all the other guys posing like that. It doesn’t even make you look your best because it hides your posture and makes you look like a clone next to all the other people you’re standing next to.

Do Figure Up What Poses Work Best For You

While photography some look best when looking directly into the camera as opposed to away from it, but looking away from it is a good option as well. Get yourself a little camera and use the timer on your camera to take some pictures of yourself in a bunch of different poses. Then see which ones you look good in and which ones you don’t look good in. That way, next time you’re with friends and you guys are taking pictures, it removes all the guesswork because you already know your best poses.

Don’t Take Pictures With Shitty Lighting

Lightning is also important. You don’t want the light below you because it makes your face look bad. And if you’re posing with your shirt off, you want the light right above you and slightly in front, because it highlights your body and makes you look a lot more defined. You can look like you just dropped 10% body fat just by altering the lighting around your pictures. Play around with it and figure out what works best for you.

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