How Can You Become Rich – The Endless Journey To Be Rich

Today we are 7.6 billion total population in the world and is increasing rapidly day by day. The world population was estimated to have reached 11.8 billion by 2100.

The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.

Growth will start anytime and will stop anytime. Life can make you rich from poor or poor from rich. To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.

More than millions of people wake up daily and hustle to become rich.

Millions are trying to do immoral things to become rich in a single day.

Millions are trying to get place in a government or politics to become rich easily.

Millions are in college today are trying to do some online jobs, part time jobs to become rich.

What’s the truth behind it?

Apparently, everyone wants to be rich.

For those who belong to the wealthy family, it is easy. Even middle class salaried individuals can become rich if they make their money work for them in the right way.

Many focusing “How to make more money, fast” at the age of only 18. You was still poor, you had a low pay job, and you was far from rich yet.

You tried become an insurance agent, involved in forex trading, started a catering business. Everything became a mess.

Ask yourself, what really makes one rich?

Realise that there is only one thing is out of the equation. You always aim to get rich fast. What about instead of that, I am to get rich – without the fast behind it?

Read the book by Robert Kiyosaki

Don’t be a goal to make money or becoming rich fast. What is life means to you if you have all the money but no time and health to spend them.

Get clear on what really money can do for you, understand exactly how much you need to live your desired life.

Believe strongly you are on the right path, you’re yet to reach all your financial goals.

In the past, you earned money from nature.

At present, you are earning money from machines and we are likely to run as a machine.

From future, artificial intelligence will earn money for you. Information and knowledge must to earn what you want in today’s digital world.

The world has changed.

Economy is changing day by day.

Human effort decreased and artificial intelligence power rises day to day.

You need to find a new way to survive in the digital world and develop a new mindset.

How can one become stand out in this world with billions of people?

Getting rich is just like every achievement in life. It’s not about how smart you do it or how hard you do it. To make more money, pick one or two skills you love the most and master them.

Did you note one thing while you stuck on the traffic signal?

People in comfortable cars and expensive bikes were honking impatiently and hurtling abuses.

A man pulling an old rusty bicycle barefooted with a hundred green heavy coconuts was becoming with a smile.

Did you ever noted that? If yes means, ask yourself, how much money you want to be happy.

Choose, in which you are master, where you can perform well.

Move forward to achieve your goal. Don’t worry about the path.

Sure, it must have lot of hurdles, you can’t see the end of path.

You may slip many times, stand again and continue to move.

Sure, this could be your most toughest journey in your lifetime.

Start with smile, also end with smile.

It’s a endless path. Only you can end your journey.

You will be success, if you follow the rules to make a journey.

………Many could born as a poor, but no one would die as a poor……..

because we are HUMANS.

Work hard!!!

Work smart!!!

Tomorrow is yours!!!!


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