How To Use Harmless Shampoos For Hair?

Shampoos are cleaning agent which are used to clean your hair. It removes dust and dirt particles from hair. You hair looks gentle and shiny after shampooing. But you may face hair loss and dandruff problems by using shampoos which is not well known. There are many branded shampoos available in market. Not everyone is safe to use. We must know how to identify the harmless shampoos for hair and how to use it safely.

Identify The Product To Use

Examine Your Hair Type

The type of hair is completely different for everyone. The types are likely short hair, long hair, straight hair, thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, oily hair and so on. You must find the better one for your hair type to rinse your hair while bathing. Know before using weather the selected shampoo adapts your hair type or not. Be careful your hair gives you a beautiful and youthful look. So hair is important one in your body to take much care. Try to identify your hair type as much as possible.

Get Help From Friends Or Colleagues

Next step is to find a right choice of shampoo which suits well with your hair conditions. You may fail doing this. But many of your friends or colleagues may have certain hair types like you. Discuss with them about the shampoo they are using, how they feel after using it. Ask them how well it helps them to clean hair without cause damage. Toxicity in shampoos are not negligible. But shampoos containing little toxic is better than more. So discuss them with this angle. Try to collect informations like, how long they use, how much they satisfied with that shampoo, who preferred it to them, how it works with their hair etc.

Collect Information

It’s a time to collect information about the selected shampoo. Surf internet to find what major people reviewed about it. Read the product reviews and consider the ratings and responses of products. By not only reading positive reviews, read the negative reviews also. It will help you to find what the negative side the product has. So collect each and every information about the shampoo through people, social medias, and participating surveys etc.

Go To Any Pharmacy Or Medical Stores

Yes shampoos are important one while taking bath. But you must give attention to buy a right choice of shampoo which not cause any harm to your hair. You chose a better shampoo. But there are many flavours available in the same brand based on hair conditions. You need to go pharmacy and ask about the details of shampoo to the vendor. Ask them to give clear explanation about the ingredients added to the shampoos. Most probably they can give you better suggestions. But if you still not clear what’s next to do?

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Google About Ingredients

Come to clear conclusion of what ingredients it has, What harmful side effects it will give. Most of the shampoos contains chemical ingredients to speed up the process of cleaning by some type of mild acids. Google it to check the characteristics and composition of the chemical ingredients. Any overdose composition of toxic elements in the shampoos will damage your hair from roots. So knowing about the ingredients and it’s effects are advisable one.

Consult Your Doctor

If you suffer from hair loss, dandruff and other hair problems consult a doctor to get best solutions. The remedies may be simple. But the steps for application must be in clear order. Take a report from doctor and give it to the pharmacy to get good harmless shampoos for hair. Consult with them about how your hair reacts with the shampoo. If need, take some nutrients or supplements to energize the hair growth and health.

Learn How To Use

Don’t Ignore Expiry Date

In every product, a date of expiry gets printed in top or bottom of the pack. It is the interval of time how long your product will be valid. Considering expiry date is important to use the shampoos safely. It is advisable to complete the full pack of shampoo within the end of expiry date. Don’t use the shampoo after the date expired. It will cause many problems on your hair.

Use Once In Two Or Three Days

It is enough to use chemical shampoos once in every two or three days. Everyday use of shampoo is not a good one. It will breaks your hair and leads to hair loss. Particularly thin hair will suffer a lot from doing continuous shampooing. So make a habit of shampooing, if your hair looks oily or very dusty. Otherwise just wash with warm or cold water.

Don’t Change Your Shampoo Periodically

Yes, daily a lot of new shampoos make entries into the market. The advertising also reach at many levels for that. Because of that you are intended to change the shampoo. If yes, please don’t do that. Avoid changing the shampoos periodically. While changing various shampoos often, your hair is under risk of experiencing many chemicals reactions. So, it may damage your hair permanently. Try to avoid it at any cost. Use the shampoo you usually used to bath.

Quit Using If It Hurts You

Now you are using the shampoo to bath. After using two or three days you may notice some reactions how well it adapts with your hair. You can feel the change after and before of the use of shampoo. If the day is usual after shampooing, then continue using it for your daily need. If it gives negative results like hairfall, scalp itching, dandruff after using this shampoo it’s a time to withdraw the product and change into the organic or home made solutions.

Use Homemade Or Organic Solutions

Use Home Remedies

The tip what am going to say is very very effective for control hair loss and dandruff. Instead of shampooing, you can use this remedy as your daily routine.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds and soak into the water 4 to 5 hours or leave it overnight.

Grind the soaked seeds in morning and make a paste.

Before 30 to 60 minutes of bathing apply the paste in your hair or make a head mask with it. Leave it 20 to 30 minutes.

After that, wash it with warm or cold water.

Make sure all the seeds are rinsed out from your hair.

You don’t need to do shampoo after.

Your hair will get strong and thick by using this continuously. It is a pure anti-dandruff remedy.

If can add little lemon juice while grinding to treat the scalp clean.

Lemon will remove any oiliness and dirts in hair and helps to clean your scalp.

After using 4 to 5 times you must see a wonderful result in your hair. Sometimes you can add some onion juice while grinding to regrow hair and makes it shiny. Avoid lemon juice if you feels that your skin get irritated after using this. You know these ways works well than chemical shampoos and treats our hair very organic. But nobody like to spend time to prepare it.

Make Homemade Harmless Shampoos For Hair

Don’t you have time to do the remedy daily. Then make a homemade shampoo or powder by grinding some organic and herbal ingredients in bulk quantity and store it in a container. Whenever you need, just mix a tablespoon of powder with water or citrus juice or onion juice and use it while bathing. No head masking. This will also give you a good result than chemical shampoos, but not like the fenugreek seeds.

Buy Organic Shampoos

If you don’t like to try out these home remedies prefer organic powders or shampoos. Go to any pharmacy or Ayurvedic store and buy a best organic powder or shampoo which doesn’t contains any harsh chemicals. Use for two days and see how it works. If it satisfies you, then make a habit of organic in long manner. Organic way of treatment for hair wash is much more better than chemical shampoos. Care your hair with organic.

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