You Must Cross These Riddles To Be Fit – Hardest Part Of The Fitness

Fitness is a state of health, well being and especially as a result of exercise and nutrition. Fitness is common today. Everyone need to be fit for various reasons. Considering health, it is very important one to improve. But, there are some hardest part in fitness where everyone falls back. Here are listed some common hardest part of the fitness.

The hardest part of the fitness are….

Motivating Yourself

Motivation….sound’s good. But is it possible? Yes, You can. Try to say I will do, I can do, I must do. These kind of simple sentences are enough to motivate yourself for fitness. Planning to be fit is like a bit challenge one.

Everyone can plan. But the time and situations plays a great role when planning. You are going to spend too much of time for fitness. Finding the right gym for you can be complicated. Between the costs, time, location, partner finding the perfect gym can be very challenging.

Setting time for fitness is major problem after finding a right one. Only you can allocate the time for it. So, motivating is a best weapon to harvest a fitness. Overall motivation is a key for fitness. One can’t enter into the fitness world without opening it.

Diet Routine

A person can eat anything they want. You can eat nutrients, proteins or even carbohydrates if you want. But fitness is your goal means, you must withdraw some eating habits. Dieting is a big enemy every one fails to maintain while fitness. You must take Proper food for body to get enough nutrients.

You need to become self conscious and particular about what you are eating. The food routine must be rich in nutrients and proteins. Avoid carbohydrates to get rid of fat and stay away from salt and sugars. Make a habit of drinking plenty of water daily. An average men need almost 7 to 8 litres of water every day to reach the fitness goal.

Time Commitment

I have time to roam with friends. I have time to watch Tv. I have time to surf internet. I have time to go shopping. These all are possible means I could allocate the time for fitness also. Right? Make a schedule of workout or fitness routines with timing.

Follow the schedule daily on timing without miss.Because there is a relation between fitness and diet. So, you need to maintain a certain distance between these two. You can finish every workout within a minute or even second. But in point of fitness, patience is necessary.

Doing a lot of workouts with mistakes is not a big thing. Also it won’t help you. Concentrate less workouts in right approach without mistakes. You body will show results only gradually, not immediately. So don’t panic or disappointed. Learn how to manage a time as much as possible.

Determination And Will Power

Following a disciplined routine is a very boring thing and it is one of the hardest part about being fit. Following the fitness regime every single day is little difficult one. You need to wake up early daily. You need to avoid junk foods. You need to eat health foods only. You need to hit the gym everyday. You need to eat a balanced diet daily. You need to get beauty sleep daily.

Your will power only proves who you are and what capability you have. We are all humans, and it’s so easy for us to slip back into the bad habits that made us unfit and unhealthy to start with. So, trust yourself and manage every hard situations with your will power. You won’t fail.


Maintaining the fitness we got through our hard work is more difficult than being fit. Nobody like to withdraw the fitness they got by hard work. So, current fitness level must be maintained by exercising at the same intensity while reducing the volume by 1/3 or 2/3.

It maybe acceptable if you miss few sessions a day. But, missing few sessions daily is not acceptable. Keep continuing exercising at the gym atleast 3 days a week after attaining goals.


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