Dos And Don’ts For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Want hair that is glossy, silky and healthy?

Follow a few simple rules that will keep your mane long and strong.


1. Choose a shampoo or conditioner meant for your hair with the help of a professional hairdresser.

2. Use a thermal protector before drying or straightening your hair.

3. Follow a healthy, balanced diet.

4. Avoid super-tight hairstyles that promote breakage or hair loss, or alternate with more relaxed hairstyles.

5. If you notice sudden hair fall that doesn’t stop, consult a hair specialist who can guide you.


1. Do not wash hair too often as this dries out the hair causing it to re-grease faster.

2. Avoid shampoos that contain too much sodium sulfate as it damages the hair.

3. Do not untangle hair with a brush, especially wet hair, which is more elastic and prone to breakage. 

4. Do not wash hair with water that’s too hot or too cold. This can burn or activate overproduction of sebum on the scalp.

5. Avoid applying hair oil before exposure to heat such as the sun or a hair iron as this can damage the hair. There are special heat-resistant oils for this purpose.

6. Avoid vigorously rubbing hair as this weakens the strands. Towel dry hair delicately.

7. Do not brush too often. Once in the morning and once at night is more than enough. 


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