We Are Still Discovering What’s Happening In Human Brain – Some Amazing Brain Hacks

The best part about the human brain is that there are so many things about it that we’re still discovering. It’s like an endless treasure hunt. There are so many brain hacks to learn from, and that can be somewhat overwhelming. Let’s see some amazing brain hacks.

Imagine To Experience

If you don’t have time to do certain activity, but you used to do that activity usually, you can imagine doing that and your brain will actually improve your skills when you get back to that activity.

If you keep thinking you are not interested to do something, you brain takes this as your command to avoid it. By this way, you will convince your brain that this is a task to be avoided. So, motivate yourself you are going to complete it. Your brain will trust whatever you say. So tell your brain you are great, you can do it.

Teach How To Smile

Why crying? You brain will reflect your mood. If you want to cry, your brain will also cry. By theĀ  way next time you are feeling sad means, try to keep smiling. Because you only can give command to your brain what to do.

You are in sad, though you want to get relief from sad, but what if you won’t take steps to stay away from it? Nothing going to happen. Only time will go. Your status will remain same. So, pretend to be smile for atleast a minute. It will make you slightly happy and will realise good mood. Your brain thinks that ” I am smiling, Therefore I must be happy”

Imagine AndĀ Organize

Your brain will do more things apart from you. For everyone, planning is important to finish the work properly. You can’t get any ideas without the aid of you brain. Take help from it. Spend a time with your brain to discuss what is going to be done.

For example, you see a messy room seems overwhelming. It’s a time to clean the room. But, you don’t have any idea what to do now. Just imagine and organize the picture of clean room in your brain. Compare and visualize the messy room with clean room in your mind. Next, you need to feel good about what you imagined. Your brain will automatically get an idea to clean the room like you visualized. It’s something that takes less than a minute, but can save you hours of frustration.

Smell To Attract

You need to believe that you are having really a good smell. Studies shows that it will improve your mood and it actually makes you more self confident. Also it makes you more attractive.

Restructure Your Daily Activity

To optimise your brain performance, it’s better if you work smarter rather than harder. Start by keeping a log of all mental activities you perform in the morning, afternoon and evening. If you do it for a week, you’ll notice a pattern in how your brain works. You imagine in detail how you expect things will go, and you tell yourself a story about your upcoming day. This way you train your brain to anticipate next steps and expect a positive income

Exercising Your Brain

Just like you develop your biceps, chest by constant exercises, you can do the same for your brain to be healthy. It’s a mental exercise. Train your brain with entertaining tasks, apps and various puzzles.

Small Plate Enough

When you eat in a smaller plate, your eyes trick the brain into thinking that we have taken enough food. Your brain will see a lot of food on a small plate and will be satisfied.

While eating in a large plate, you tend to pile up more food to fill the plate. Your brain feels that there are more spaces still empty in the plate. So, your brain assumes you still need a food to fill the plate.

Teach To Learn

The act of teaching others what we learn can be a powerful brain hack because it’s essentially a memory technique you can practice. It requires you to recall newly learned information by teaching it to someone else. This helps you review, remember and retain what you’ve learned better than just studying in silence.

Reduce Your Pain With Binocular

Pain is the effect of your mind knows that you are in havoc. Your brain will see what your eyes see. If you get a wound by cutting in your hand, then it must hurt yourself a lot. It’s not so easy to convince your brain it doesn’t hurt.

However, researchers found that the way of seeing your wound will reduce a pain. When subjects looked at their wound through the wrong end with binoculars, it made the wound seem a lot smaller, and in turn they feel less pain. Focusing on your wound will always give you increased pain.

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